ready for use

Zimit Framework is available in 3 different flavors depending on your needs or the use you're going to give:
For basic usage is recommended only minified css file, which comes with everything you need to start building your site.
If you also want to prepare your site for validation, we recommend using the css file that includes debug directives.
And if you want to play with the original files, simply download a file with all of it.

Also available non-minified versions for devs:

Zimit uses Rainbow.js as code highlighter, you can find it here:

As icon library, Zimit uses Ligature Symbols, you can find it here:


fork & fun!

If you not only want to use the framework, you also want to contribute to its improvement and evolution, this is your best choice!
Just clone the repository on your machine and get down to work, so easy.

git clone
Copy and paste the code above, or if you prefer go directly to the project on



A simple responsive web for an Android app built with Zimit Framework:

Zimit Framework is a very adaptable framework and prepared to look like a desktop application, here a demonstration of how it works like a dream Zimit compiled with Adobe AIR: